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Press Release| International partnership combines AI with real-world experience to boost the Kenyan health system

Kenya’s over-burdened health system is getting a major boost through a new international health partnership bridging proven Africa-lead AI technology and deep local contextual knowledge.

Vantage Health Technologies, an international health technology provider – part of the BroadReach Group – is partnering with Africa Health Business (AHB), an Africa based healthcare consultancy, to collaborate on the innovative use of AI and Data to address critical health outcomes. Together Vantage and AHB will work to harness the power of AI and African expertise to drive technology enabled health systems strengthening for East Africa.

Kenya’s healthcare system is overburdened caring for over 1.4 million people living with HIV. The country is falling short of its UNAIDS 95-95-95 treatment and care targets with only 78% of this population on antiretroviral treatment and their viral load suppression unknown. Similarly, there is a chronic shortage of trained healthcare professionals to manage this and other public health threats.

Vantage’s AI-powered solutions help health organisations achieve cost and operational efficiencies, improved organizational performance and better health outcomes through “next best action” workflows to empower healthcare workers at all levels with deep experience in HIV, TB, malaria and other related diseases treatment and care. Vantage has had specific success and expertise in implementing large-scale technology-enabled health systems strengthening support to HIV treatment and care programs throughout the region.

Africa Health Business (AHB) is a dynamic and influential pan-African advisory and consulting firm driven by the compelling vision of “in Africa, by Africa, for Africa”. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, AHB is dedicated to strengthening the private sector to play an impactful role in solving Africa’s healthcare challenges. AHB provides market insights and fosters productive stakeholder engagements to enhance access to equitable healthcare across Africa.

“Vantage offers proven AI-driven, data-centric, technology-enabled solutions and innovation that empowers human action. Our goal is to enable public health systems to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030. We believe this is possible in Kenya too. Through our joint health systems approach, this partnership and its unique combination AI-enabled technology, deep contextual knowledge and expertise in health leadership and governance, can help address healthcare system challenges with speed and agility in Kenya and beyond,” says Paul Bhuhi, Managing Director of Vantage Health Technologies.

“I am delighted that AHB and Vantage Health Technologies have engaged in a transformative partnership to address cross-cutting challenges in the health system using Africa-led AI technology solutions. This collaboration though focusing on Kenya for now has the potential to being scaled up to other countries with similar challenges. AHB strongly believes in forging strong, meaningful partnerships that make an impact. This is yet another one that we are proud of.”

During February 2024, as part of the measures to introduce the partnership, a roundtable event will be hosted focused on “Technology enabled Health Systems Strengthening” – for high-level government, donor and private sector health stakeholders in Nairobi. To learn more visit or or simply contact the team at
[email protected].

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