Summary of the Relationship Series: When the Wind is Fair

By Bernard Katz

As a surfer, I am at the mercy of the wind. The basic natural phenomenon of wind strength and direction has a direct impact on my life. At a practical level, the wind governs if I surf or not and how much I spend on petrol to get to various surf locations. At a deeper level, the wind influences my mood and thus my relationships with those closest to me. When the wind blows strong from the wrong direction, I am on edge, I get fidgety and annoy those around me. When the wind is fair, and the waves are good I am uplifted. There is a sense that anything is possible.

Relationships in product development are like the wind to a surfer. They are powerful forces that cannot be seen or touched but can be felt intensely. Relationships influence the decisions we make. Basic decisions, such as with whom to eat lunch to more complex decisions about roadmap priorities. They fill the space between us and influence our moods and our thoughts. Like the wind they are difficult to control but when they are fair, anything can be achieved. Read more