What Makes a Solution?

Our solutions combine best-practice, proven implementation services and our award-winning technology, developed by industry experts with deep healthcare expertise. We ensure that health systems and organizations are always spending the next hour and the next dollar most effectively to maximize results. We do this by ensuring that the right people make the right decisions at the right time and supporting them to take the right actions consistently, at
scale and with fidelity…we believe this is the future of work in healthcare.

We partner with you to improve organizational performance, optimize resource utilization, save costs and deliver more sustainable health outcomes.

In the US we serve two primary markets: Payor and Providers for Medicare and Medicaid populations, and organizations that are implementing large global health programs.

Our Solutions provide the right information to the right people at the right time and that recommend the right actions.

Best practice & expertise

Our team expertise and proven best practice


Data management and Implementation services such as our Impact Methodology


The Vantage platform is the foundation of our solutions

We develop solutions to tackle these challenges

By combining our solutions we can help health organizations to transform and deliver better health outcomes by using scarce resources more efficiently, improving organizational performance, saving on costs and creating more sustainable health systems.

We work with payors and providers focused on Medicare and Medicaid populations to develop solutions addressing their unique needs. Our solutions help you to:

Improve the quality and consistency of patient risk profiling.

We can help improve coding accuracy to streamline your plans effectiveness, boosting health services for your members.

Improve Emergency Department utilization.

Using social determinant of health data, we can help identify these members and
provide you with messaging strategies to direct them to primary care, so that emergency departments can focus their resources on true emergencies.

Prevent poor outcomes before they happen.

We can provide descriptive, predictive and prescriptive population insights to guide
targeted action that improves health service delivery and outcomes. We can proactively
identify patients who are likely to drop off chronic medication and ensure that the retention measures are implemented at scale and with fidelity. We can also support the large-scale, high quality implementation of campaigns for priority populations.


Are you a Donor or Implementing Partner Organization working in International Development looking to boost the performance of your large-scale healthcare programs? We can assist.

We work with our sister organisation BroadReach Health Development and other
implementing partners and donors such as USAID, US CDC, PEPFAR, the Global Fund and
the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, supporting the management of largescale multi-year
population health programs. Digital transformation is at the heart of what we do: our solutions combine real world leadership, management and governance expertise with technology to give the right information, to the right people, at the right time, so that they can save more lives.

We deliver solutions to help every healthcare worker, from management to those on the front lines, with powerful workflow tools that support and guide programs to deliver at-scale and with fidelity.. Our solutions have been part of the implementation of large-scale healthcare programs for HIV, TB, Malaria, Immunizations, COVID-19, Cancer and more.

We can help with the following needs:

Are you a Program Director, Health Minister or Chief of Party needing the means to accomplish daily or weekly adaptive management?Our solutions give you a birds eye view of your program, proactive decision support and recommended action steps to optimize your resources, so you can reach targets and save more lives.

Accelerating Program Achievement to Control the HIV Epidemic
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Would you like to ensure that your teams are implementing the guidance
consistently, at scale with fidelity?
We provide staff and teams with digitally enabled step-by-step actions (workflows) and the means to collaborate in real-time as they implement their workplans, thereby empowering
and motivating them to reach their greatest potential.
Would you like to be able to identify patients at risk of dropping off treatment so
that you can intervene before it occurs?
Our AI enabled Vantage platform can predict which patients are likely to drop off treatment and the means to systematically monitor whether each patient is receiving the necessary interventions so that they
remain on treatment.

Are you responsible for managing a rapidly evolving pandemic?

We have a fully integrated suite of digitally enabled solutions which can be rapidly deployed to address community education & mobilization, community screening, real-time geomapping of disease progression, health facility capacity readiness, stock visualization, frontline worker wellness and vaccine program management. Our solution is integrated with Microsoft teams and provides end-to-end management decision support whilst allows all the partners and actors to collaborate securely and in real-time via multiple channels (messaging, video, chat etc)

Spotlight Solution: COVID-19

Do you manage a large scale COVID-19 program; do you need help with equitable vaccine distribution, population monitoring or real-time decision support for your program? We can assist.

Global COVID-19 experts see inequitable distribution and vaccine hesitancy as the key challenges for Africa in 2021

Our solutions can transform your health systems across multiple challenges and geographies.

Our experts are ready to meet your challenges with a solution

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