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We are Vantage Health Technologies. We create solutions for the world's most complex health challenges to address health inequities for payers, providers and the international health development community. We provide decision support, operational tools and next best action workflows to individuals across the health system. From leadership to frontline, our AI-powered world class cloud platform enables predictable, cost-effective and improved health outcomes- at scale.


A world where access to good health enables people to flourish.


We harness health technology and innovation that empowers human action.


We are Bold.
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We are Learners.
We are our Word.
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We are Compassionate.

Better health outcomes More efficient use of scarce resources Cost effectiveness Improved organizational performance More sustainable health systems
Our Value Proposition

Our solutions are proven globally. As part of BroadReach Group, we have nearly 20 years experience implementing impactful digital transformation within large health programs. We use our AI-enabled platform, Vantage, built on the secure Microsoft Azure and suite of applications. It is GDPR, HIPAA and ISO20071 compliant, enabling peace of mind and the highest level of data security.​

Our Trusted Partner Microsoft

Built on the Microsoft suite of applications. Our platform is secure and intuitive.

Microsoft is a key global strategic partner, as we align on values and our vision for the future of work in healthcare. Vantage is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams so healthcare leaders and workers can seamlessly access Vantage's AI-enabled data insights, make decisions and action workflows directly on Microsoft Teams. We work where you work. This is the Future of Work in Healthcare.

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Our Solutions are Developed for You.

Are you a Payer or Health Plan Provider supporting Medicare or Medicaid population, or are in the International Development community implementing large global health programs. We can assist.

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Watch our In Conversation Series with Batuke Walusiku-Mwewa, Country Director of CMMB Zambia

What our clients think

  • "Using Vantage has changed our culture of using data for planning. It shows us where we have gaps in allocation of staff and where we are over-resourced so that we can make efficient use of the existing limited human resources that we have." Director of Strategic Health Programs, KZN Department of Health
  • "In the past, to ensure that all staff members are equipped with the data they need, I have always had to conduct data analysis manually and prepare data dashboards and visualizations. Vantage provides me and all the staff members with this information in an automated and systematic manner. This has cut down my workload, allowing me to focus on more strategic issues or on problem solving and brainstorming solutions to issues we encounter." Senior Advisor, Key Populations Program
  • "The project has demonstrated the effectiveness of proactive tracking of PLHIV and has made us understand the importance of the interventions we are implementing. It has broadened our minds and we already have plans to scale up." Program Manager, care & support with the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria
  • "I remember we were using WhatsApp and manually collating all the data. And then with Vantage we suddenly could have the hourly emails coming and showing us where the gaps were. As a result, we could act on them promptly." Wits RHI (Tshwane) Deputy Principal Investigator

*Quotes recorded from Vantage users, for contractual reasons their names must remain anonymous


Vantage is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, the world’s most secure data cloud.

The future of work in healthcare

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